Wire Rope Isolator Product Performance

Make sure that the vibration isolation system have a good performance under the maximum safety impact and can meet the military standards for harsh environments at home and abroad

● Multi-directional vibration isolation.

● All environments adaptable, such as extreme temperature, salt fog, mycosis, humidity, ozone, grease, sunshine, nuclear radiation, dust and erosion of organic solvent.

●Working temperature: -100℃~+250℃,  up-limit: +370℃.

● Flexible installation.

●Life span: 5 years and above.

●Standard loading capacity: 0.1~3000kg.

●Good vibration isolation performance under maximum safe shock.

●Softened nonlinear stiffness, maximum dynamic displacement≥70% of the valid space of isolator.

●Dry friction nonlinear damping, magnifying factor(under standard external input)≤3.

●Special designs can be done.