• In 2021,DPFLEX took the leadership in the national standard edition of the “General Specifications for Wire Cable Vibration Isolator of Loading”(GJB9983-2021).
  • In 2018, our marine shaft seal device passed CCS (China Classification Society) certification.
  • In 2016, DPFLEX finished the technical innovations as follows:
    1. Design and development of the shock resistance of the elastic support system.
    2. Analysis and research of the shock and vibration absorption of the hydraulic fluid chamber.
    3. Development of the low frequency vibration measurement system.
    4. Development of the twist type shock and vibration measurement system.
    5. The characteristic analysis of the vibration absorption system of the nuclear power plant fan as well as syatem design and manufacturing.
  • In 2015, the company developed the “complex high-precision reset isolation system" with a damping efficiency up to 90% and a high reset precision which was accepted by the national scientific research institutes.
  • In 2014, our company developed the “anti-impact and anti-static flooring wire rope vibration device” for a national scientific research institute, till now we have finished all the relative tests clarified by a third party test organization. In August, 2016, we finished the system verification and now we begin mass production task.
  • In 2013, our wire rope isolator product passed MIL-STD-167 and MIL-STD-810F in the U.S.A laboratory in a military communication equipment project from the U.S.A.
  • In 2008, our company engineers took the leadership in the national standard edition of the “Marine Stern-shaft Sealing device" (GB / T 25018-2010).
  • In 2006 The Wire Rope Cable Vibration Isolator Specification of Ships (GJB6412-2008).
  • From 2004 to 2008, we finished the China Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant fan vibration isolation designs, all the test datas met the ISO standard clarified requirements (anti-vibration velocity ≤4.8mm / s). Now the fan facilities run well and won a high comments.
  • In 2002, we won the third prize of the scientific and technological achievements of the anti-shock marine stern shaft seal device.
  • In 1998, we supplied wire rope isolator products for the fan ventilation system of Shanghai Metro Line No.2.
  • In 1996, our company provided anti-vibration technical support for the Pakistan Chashma nuclear power plant, which was the first nuclear power plant built with the support of China, in this project the GG series wire rope vibration isolator products were used. The General Specifications for All-Metal Wire Rope Cable Vibration Isolator (SJ20593-96) and the national military standard,
  • In 1983, our company started to research the wire rope isolator products in China. Meanwhile we took the leadership of the military standard edition for the electronics industry.